Day One

Day One is my digital life journal.

My entire life's experiences lives encrypted in the journal. Adding photographs I made and the thoughts and events that happened to me.

I document and review my life publicly too.

The app has integration with IFTTT which I use to automatically log all my tweets and Instagram posts.

If you don't journal, I suggest you to start, it is a very powerful mind cleanser and acts as a wonderful history record of your life.

I started with journaling by writing Day Evaluations, evaluating my day and noting interesting and memorable things that have happened to me during the day.

Since then however, I adopted a more open approach to documenting my memories and life in a way that doesn't stop me from being in the moment and just enjoying things and experiences.

I am very open to the public sharing both the things I know and like and also the different little things that happen to me, so I use IFTTT to log and archive my public activity from Instagram and Twitter into Day One.

My Journals


Private observations & memorable experiences.


Private travel notes. I post most everything on Instagram.


My dream journal. I want to lucid dream and to do that you need to remember your dreams. You also need to get into the habit of making reality checks. I note down memorable dreams I had briefly in this journal paying attention to common themes across all my dreams, if any.


Contains all the memories I shared with my family.


I use IFTTT to automatically post all my tweets from Twitter here. As I try lead a more open life, I often post in public outlets and share my experiences there so I want to have those experiences in Day One together with my more private memories.


Similar to Twitter, this IFTTT recipe will do the same but for my Instagram photographs.

Looking back

Besides Day One, I lead a more open diary and monthly overviews in Looking back.