Day One

Day One is my digital life journal.

My entire life's experiences lives encrypted in the journal. Adding photographs I made and the thoughts and events that happened to me.

I document and review my life publicly too.

The app has started integrating with different services. Currently only Instagram. Hopefully soon Twitter. I love Day One for it's ability to centralize all my life's experiences into one place. Powered by search and amazing On this Day feature.

If you don't journal, I suggest you to start, it is a very powerful mind cleanser and acts as a wonderful history record of your life.

I started with journaling by writing Day Evaluations, evaluating my day and noting interesting and memorable things that have happened to me during the day.

Since then however, I adopted a more open approach to documenting my memories and life in a way that doesn't stop me from being in the moment and just enjoying things and experiences.

My Journals


Private observations & memorable experiences. I share most everything I do on Twitter and Instagram.


My dream journal. I want to lucid dream and to do that you need to remember your dreams. You also need to get into the habit of making reality checks. I note down memorable dreams I had briefly in this journal paying attention to common themes across all my dreams, if any.


Contains all the memories I shared with my family.


Day One has native integration with Instagram with full upload of all posts + descriptions.

Looking back

Besides Day One, I lead a more open diary and monthly overviews in Looking back.