macOS is my favourite desktop operating system.

I do wish to expand my horizons and try out Linux more. I doubt I will ever be able to move to another operating system as I have too much invested in optimising and using macOS but I do want to take the best of all worlds. Linux is open source, has an increasingly large community of users and developers and one thing that I love about UNIX systems is that by using these systems you effectively become a developer. Because otherwise you are simply missing out on the full experience.

In any way, I like to think my journey with macOS, operating systems, programming and the like has only begun, I am still yet to make something substantial, something akin to Karabiner. But I am getting there.


  • In save dialogues I can press these keys:
    • Return or ⌘ + S = Save
    • ESC = Cancel
  • I can also press / or ~ to quickly go to some directory from a save dialogue. And I can press ⌘ + ↑ to go to parent directory.
  • Recovery mode: Power off the machine, press the power button and immediately hold Cmd-R.

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