macOS is my favorite desktop operating system.

I do wish to expand my horizons and try out Linux more. I doubt I will ever be able to move to another operating system as I have too much invested in optimizing and using macOS but I do want to take the best of all worlds. Linux is open source, has an increasingly large community of users and developers and one thing that I love about UNIX systems is that by using these systems you effectively become a developer. Because otherwise you are simply missing out on the full experience.

In any way, I like to think my journey with macOS, operating systems, programming and the like has only begun, I am still yet to make something substantial, something akin to Karabiner. But I am getting there.


  • In save dialogues I can press these keys:
    • Return or ⌘ + S = Save
    • ESC = Cancel
  • I can also press / or ~ to quickly go to some directory from a save dialogue. And I can press ⌘ + ↑ to go to parent directory.
  • Recovery mode: Power off the machine, press the power button and immediately hold Cmd-R.
  • Both Windows and MacOS are at a point where clean installs are unnecessary.
    • I can appreciate someone wanting to do a clean install if they've installed and removed many apps and just want to clear out everything spread around all the system and hidden folders, even if it doesn't really affect performance and won't save a ton of disk space. There is something cathartic about a clean install.

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