The app I use to write all my Medium articles in and make notes for books.

I describe my thoughts and approach to writing here.

Content structure

I group my writing into appropriate categories. Here are how my categories look like. I blurred some that are personal to me.

I use two Alfred file filters to search through both Ulysses sheets and Ulysses groups.

The reason I have two Inbox there is because Alfred's file filter for searching groups doesn't pick up original Inbox group.

Tagging sheets

I tag Ulysses sheets I have published to Medium with #published tag like this:

Which allows me to quickly search and filter through Ulysses sheets quickly from Alfred:

Here is how a sheet with an idea looks like:

The dashed points right below the title state some ideas and thoughts I want to cover when writing the article. I try to touch on one or all of these points as I write the article.

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