I use the app a lot to track various ongoing things I have in my life.

I share many boards I have publicly.

I nearly always use two labels: Important and Next. And I mark the cards I am working on and set deadlines on most cards. I can only work on the cards I am assigned to. And a card can't have multiple priority labels. It's either Important, Next or Assigned (with space).

Nearly all of my own boards are filtered to show only the cards I am assigned to. (Press Q on the board).


  • You can attach link to card by simply selecting card and pressing ⌘ + V.
    • You can also add a link as a new card itself by simply ⌘ + Ving in the new card area. This will also fetch the thumbnail and add that to the card and create an appropriate title.
  • In the date picker you can just type the number of the month to pick it. Or you can do 13/3 to make a due date for this year on March 13th.

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