An application which allowed me to oriinally create all of the maps for Learn Anything.


It is an incredible joy to make mind maps in this app and I use it to visualize everything. My notes, my projects, my plans, my thoughts.

In short, MindNode for me is the ultimate playground where ideas get born and played with first. I even have a thinking map that I open with Karabiner by pressing f + :. And I brainstorm things I am doing now there. Here is how that looks:

My Mind Maps

I use mind maps for many things. Since these maps are interactive and allow you to neatly link information together, they are much better suited for some formats. Like visualising different topics and their relations.

Which you can see and explore here.

  • Mind map everything - How I use mind maps to effectively transcribe knowledge digitally and visualise thoughts and knowledge I have for both myself and for other people interested.


  • ⌥ + delete will delete currently selected node only unlike delete which will delete the entire branch.
  • I can label connection arrows.
  • I can embed links in notes.

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