Day One

Day One is my digital life journal.

My entire life's experiences lives encrypted in the journal. Adding photographs I made and the thoughts and events that happened to me.

I document and review my life publicly too.

The app has integration with IFTTT which I use to automatically log all my tweets and Insgragram posts.

If you don't journal, I suggest you to start, it is a very powerful mind cleanser and acts as a wonderful history record of your life.

I started with journalling by writing Day Evaluations, evaluating my day and noting interesting and memorable things that have happened to me during the day.

Since then however, I adopted a more open approach to documenting my memories and life in a way that doesn't stop me from being in the moment and just enjoying things and experiences.

I am very open to the public sharing both the things I know and like and also the different little things that happen to me, so I use IFTTT to log and archive my public activity from Instagram and Twitter into Day one.

My Journals


Writing about my life in a more open and free way. If something memorable happened to my life or I've been through something or want to say something, I write it there.

I also try and make a photograph of me every day. Often doing it a new and different places and saying how I feel about the day. I want to do a collage of these pictures in the future. Sometimes I put more than one photo there. The idea is that I can replicate what happened to me from that day just from the photos.


Day One has a pretty awesome activity stream feature where it tracks the places you have been and visited to across your day and you can check in into those places and add some photos or comments to go alongside these check ins. I use this a lot and I especially love looking back at all the places I've been to and things I've done over time later by exploring Day One map.

I also love tagging entries by country and geo tagging every entry. And I use tags like new city or new country or new .. often.


My dream journal. I want to lucid dream and to do that you need to remember your dreams. You also need to get into the habit of making reality checks. I write about my dreams briefly in this journal and note down common themes about them, if any.


Contains very short entries. If I am feeling sad or happy about something, I write a small entry and say what I feel and put it there. It helps me be more conscious and honest with myself, my thoughts and feelings.


I track my physical progress there. As I try to be more conscious about my physical health and always trying to become a stronger version of myself every day. I post my progress pictures and my own commentary and thoughts there.


I have a dedicated journal where I put all the memories I have shared with my family.


I use IFTTT to automatically post all my public activity from Twitter & Instagram to this journal. Since I do want to lead a more open life, I very often post in the public outlets and share my experiences there so I want to have those experiences in Day One together with my more private memories.

I then at the end of the week quickly move entries from Autolog to appropriate journals thus keeping Autolog ideally empty at all times. If I don't want to preserve a post and save it, I delete it.

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