The app I use to do all my writing in.

I use it to both write this wiki you are reading now as well as everything else that has to do with writing somehow except writing GitHub readme's. For that I use Sublime Text.

Here is how my workflow with Ulysses looks like.

Content structure

I group my writing into appropriate categories. Here are how my categories look like. I blurred some that are personal to me.

And I use two alfred file filters to search through both Ulysses sheets and Ulysses groups. Only thing I do is that I add a tab keypress after the sheet is opened so that immediately after the sheet is opened, the focus is on the text of the sheet and not the sidebar.

How I use Ulysses to edit this wiki can be seen here.

Tagging sheets

I tag Ulysses sheets I am currently writing and focusing on with #now tag like this : Which allows me to quickly search and filter through Ulysses sheets quickly from Alfred : Here are some more tags I use :

  • #soon
    • indicates that this should be worked on after all of #now articles are done
  • #idea
    • will often just contain a title and maybe some notes of what I want it to be about

Here is how a sheet with an idea looks like : I have many like it in writing group. The small dashed points below are used to quickly note down some ideas or thoughts I have about what the article should be about. As I write the article I usually try to address these points one by one until I cover everything I want to say.

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