The app that I use to make various mind maps. It is currently one of my top 5 used apps and alongside 2Do acts as my second brain to everything that I do.

However how I use the app is often changing and I try to use the format that is best appropriate to what I want to do.

I am actually trying to move away from MindNode note taking to instead note taking in textual form like here. And I want MindNode to serve as both documentation of my various workflows as for me visualisation is key in this regard and also use it as a way to index links and certain other things because I can parse these maps for content later. Thus MindNode with Alfred literally becomes my second brain I can rely on to do everything.

Another one of my focuses is transparency. I want to do everything in a way that any other person can leverage everything I have setup. Thus having this wiki be in the open with a search builtin is something I feel is super useful to have.

In short, MindNode for me is the ultimate playground where ideas get born and played with first. I even have a thinking map that I open with Karabiner by pressing b + :. And I brainstorm things I am doing now there. Here is how that looks :

  • Mind map everything
    • how I use mind maps to effectively transcribe knowledge digitally and visualise thoughts and knowledge I have for both myself and for other people interested


  • ⌥ + delete will delete currently selected node only unlike delete which will delete the entire branch
  • I can label connection arrows
  • I can embed links in notes

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