March 2018



  • (1) Going to take Timing a lot more seriously this month. And get some work done!
  • (2) Going to use Trello exclusively for managing projects.
  • (4) Adding this change from iOS. Moved the wiki to Dropbox and hooked up Ulysses to edit the folder on iOS. Pretty amazing.
  • (4) Cryptocurrencies are really the future of money. No fees. Instant pay across the globe. Peer to peer with no intermediaries. It's exciting.
  • (5) Made my first crypto purchase. Pretty awesome experience.
  • (7) Removed lessons learned from wiki. Only have rules and processes now. Each of the files is binded to a key so I can open in a second. Should itearate on all of it with time and find what works the best for me.
  • (7) Still wonder what it's like to work at a company or even a startup. Being a one person team for all my life aside from Learn Anything project and Angelo is quite tiring and brings you down with time. I think being surrounded by a team of people who inspire and empower you is amazing. Maybe one day I can find myself to be in that team.
  • (7) 10,000 ⭐ on Learn Anything. 🎊
  • (7) Going to use and abuse IFTTT a bit more and rally various online info I create like Tweets I made into Google spreadsheets. I want to make some meaningful analysis on this data later + it's nice to save for proseterity as I can save it as PDF for later viewing.
  • (8) Will review all movies I watch from now on.
  • (10) Started usig Gitter and our Reddit subreddit as our official way to communicate with the community around LA. Slack was a closed silo that doesn't work well with OSS projects.
  • (10) New format to monthly reviews. There are now Weekly reviews as well as Shipped category to track things I actually make and publish. Articles, code, projects. Changes then is more as a way of tracking other things. Changes to workflow and whatnot. And Thoughts still stay as I find it quite a useful outlet for things. The ending 'credits' will include music I tracked on & my tweets for that month. Would love to add some more things in time, my own new project I am working on will help in that regard quite a bit. Cleaned up my books entry and it's really clean list of books I read and started with my reviews attached. Will also be adding books I read in this month here though. Trying to optimise my processes to account for all these things and simplify and 'automate' my life in this way. There is a lot of merit in keeping things simple but actually doing this kind of looking back thing. It keeps me accountable and motivates me to do more. I hope to refine my process with time and ship things perhaps not daily but at least weekly. Something new. Something I made.
  • (12) Going to finally learn vim.
  • (15) Going to change a bit how I will conduct this logs. Want to focus more on doing rather than logging and I dislike the replication factor of keeping this log alongside Twitter that I post to, Instagram, GitHub and so on. Wish I could automate it in some way. For now though I will focus on my weekly reviews as well as Shipped category for things I actually ship. And of course the monthly review in the end that I will try to keep as brief and to the point as possible. I no longer will have any Thoughts or Changes category and will just have Notes which will include thoughts and other things that I want to note down. For other things I am just going to use Twitter more. I am tired of not being productive and only making plans.






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