I spend some time on Freenode as it has many useful channels and people that can help you.

I like IRC even though Discord is a strictly superior experience. I currently use Matrix and Element client to connect to IRC Freenode channels I care about.

Previously I used Textual IRC client and ZNC network bouncer (via LunarBNC) to always keep me logged in to the servers as well as it keeping history logs when I am away.

Here are IRC channels I frequent:

IRC commands

Textual keeps a command reference here.

  • /list - Open channel list.

  • /msg *nickserv set <yourNSpassword> - Lets Nickserv autologin you. Can then run /nick <your-nick> to login.


  • If I ever get issues with logging in and me being Guest. I can:

    • /msg NickServ RELEASE <nickname> <password>

    • /nick nikivi my nick