Health is important to me for many reasons. I don't particularly even want to live a long time, but I do want the time I live to be as good as possible, without pain and any other nasty things like diseases and sadness.

All of those things rely on good health and a good both physical and mental state of being.

Frankly even when I do know all that I still have many habits that actually go against what I ultimately want. I still don't exercise enough, I still sometimes do eat bad food and I still often don't practice meditation and mindfulness as much as I like

In any way, this is something I am working on and hopefully improving with every passing day. I am happy to say though that I don't have any really unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking. Those two don't really make sense to me.

Improving my health

Here are some things I am trying to improve with my health right now.


I spend the most of my conscious time near my computer for better or worse. I need to get into the habit of being aware of my posture when I do that.

I actually tried my own hacked version of a standing desk once and I really loved it. One day, when I get some money, I would love to get a proper standing desk for myself.


I cover nutrition in more depth here.


Stress shortens telomeres. Practicing mindfulness helps greatly in maintaining a healthy and stress free outlook on life.

Proper Sleep

Ideally going to sleep and waking up at the same time to keep the Circadian rhythm up. With ~ 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

Dental care

Brushing my teeth every evening and morning as well as flossing it few times throughout the day. At least some things are simple in life.

The common theme here is everything in moderation.


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