I try to maximize my happiness and quality of life through proper nutrition, exercise and stress free outlook on life with mindfulness.

Here are some things I am trying to improve with my health right now.

  • Nutrition - I eat at least two salads every day and take few supplements. I track all the food I eat with MyFitnessPal.
  • Mindfulness - Stress shortens telomeres. Practicing mindfulness helps greatly in maintaining a healthy and stress free outlook on life.
  • Proper sleep - I go to sleep and wake up at the same time getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each day.
  • Exercise - I try to start every morning by either going to the gym or playing tennis.
  • Good posture - I try to be conscious of my posture at all times. Never slouching my back and sitting at one spot for too long.
  • Dental care - Brushing my teeth every morning and evening as well as flossing it few times throughout the day.
  • Skin care - Moisturize my skin every morning and evening.


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