I try to maximize my happiness and quality of life through proper nutrition, exercise and stress free outlook on life with mindfulness.
    ​Nutrition - Eat whole food plant based nutritious diet. Optionally supplementing when necessary.
    ​Mindfulness - Stress shortens telomeres & accelerates aging. Practice mindfulness & be calm.
    ​Proper sleep - I go to sleep ~ 11/12 pm and wake up without alarm getting as much sleep as my body needs.
    ​Exercise - Start every morning with some exercise. Go on walks or do exercise throughout the day when possible.
    Dental care - Brush my teeth daily with occasional flossing.
    ​Skin care - Clean & moisturize my skin every morning/evening. Apply occasional deep pore cleansing face masks. Apply sunscreen when going out for long time.
    ​Ergonomics - Sit properly or stand, keeping good posture throughout the day. Never slouch my back and sit for long times. Take breaks. Use good chair & desk.
These health focuses are part of my life rules.



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