Awesome Online games

Awesome OSS games

  • ​Portal 2D - 2D remake of the Portal games with the Godot-Engine.
  • ​ActionRoguelike - Third-person Action Roguelike made in Unreal Engine C++ (for Stanford CS193U 2020). (Article) (HN)
  • ​Citybound - City building game with a focus on realism, collaborative planning and simulation of microscopic details. (HN)
  • ​OneLife - Multiplayer survival game of parenting and civilization building.
  • ​OpenMW - Open-source open-world RPG game engine that supports playing Morrowind. (HN)
  • ​OpenDiablo2 - Open source re-implementation of Diablo 2.
  • ​Pioneer - Game of lonely space adventure.
  • ​openage - Free (as in freedom) open source clone of the Age of Empires II engine.
  • ​AIDungeon2 - Infinite adventures await.
  • ​VVVVVV​
  • ​Julius - Open source re-implementation of Caesar III.
  • ​Quake 2​
  • ​QuakeJS - Quake Port to JavaScript with Emscripten. (HN)
  • ​vkQuake - Quake 1 port using Vulkan instead of OpenGL for rendering.
  • ​Aim and Shoot - Neuroevolution game experiment. (Code)
  • ​HyperRogue - SDL roguelike in a non-euclidean world. (Code) (Explanation)
  • ​Vinifera - Open source re-implementation of Tiberian Sun : Firestorm written in C++.
  • ​Chronoshift - Open Source Re-Implementation of Command and Conquer: Red Alert.
  • ​FreeAge - Open-source reimplementation of the game engine of Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition.
  • ​Good Web Game - Minimal 2d game framework for wasm.
  • ​Veloren - Open world, open source voxel RPG inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Cube World. (Code) (Launcher) (HN)
  • ​Paddlers - Multi-player real-time strategy browser game.
  • ​Orb.Farm - Sealed aquatic ecosystem. (Code) (Lobsters)
  • ​Asteroids - Variation on the game Asteroids, written in Rust. (Code)
  • ​Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn & Red Alert - Released Under GPL3. (HN)
  • ​LSD - Line-square-dot: an addicting game.
  • ​Dino Jump​
  • ​ - Open source base building game inspired by factorio. (Web)
  • ​MineJS - Minecraft-like voxel engine built in JavaScript.
  • ​Hypermine - Minecraft-like game that is playable in a hyperbolic geometry. (Demo) (Wiki)
  • ​OpenDUNE - Open source re-creation of the popular game "Dune II".
  • ​MineSweeper - Implemented in 100% CSS and HTML – no JavaScript. (HN)
  • ​Team Comtress 2 - Team Fortress 2, but with a lot of fixes, QoL improvements and performance optimizations.
  • ​Amnesia (HN)
  • ​Ninja vs EVILCORP - Platformer inspired by Super Meat Boy, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, and other great similar games.
  • ​Sulis - Turn based tactical RPG with several campaigns, written in Rust. (Web)
  • ​Seeds Game - Collect seeds, save the world. (Code)
  • ​Doom 3​
  • ​Dhewm3 - Doom 3 Source Port. (HN) (Code)
  • ​Slasher Prototype - In Lua. 2.5D perspective view.
  • ​Micro Racing - Multiplayer 3D isometric racing game written in WebGL.
  • ​Ordinary Puzzles - Minimalistic puzzle game built using React Native. (Code)
  • ​Word Guess - Hangman without the hanging man. (Code)
  • ​osu! - Free-to-win rhythm game. (Web)
  • ​MoonShot - Written in Go and using its own game engine. (Code)
  • ​StripCode - Guess which GitHub repo a code snippet came from. (Code)
  • ​Shotcaller - RTS / MOBA game with multiple front ends: ASCII-rendered or tiles-rendered.
  • ​Station Iapetus - 3rd person shooter in the very early development phase. Written in Rust.
  • ​Soldat - 2D (side-view) multiplayer action game. (HN)
  • ​re3 - GTA III and Vice City fully reverse engineered. (HN)
  • ​Valheim - Survival and sandbox video game. (Valheim Server)
  • ​Mindustry - Sandbox tower-defense game. (Code)
  • ​OpenTTD - Open source simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe. (Code)
  • ​Liblast - Libre multiplayer FPS game created in Godot.
  • ​Nine Chronicles - Open source online RPG without servers.
  • ​SNKRX - Arcade shooter roguelite where you control a snake of heroes that automatically attack nearby enemies. (HN)
  • ​BYTEPATH - Replayable arcade shooter with a focus on build theorycrafting.
  • ​Beyond All Reason - Open source RTS game built on top of the Spring RTS Engine. (Code)
  • ​Oxid - Arcade-style game that runs natively or in the browser. (Web)
  • ​Some Tank Game - Action game written in Rust using the Bevy engine.
  • ​Rusted Ruins - Extensible open world rogue like game with pixel art. Players can explore the wilderness and ruins.
  • ​Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead - Turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. (Code)
  • ​Widelands - Free, open source real-time strategy game with singleplayer campaigns and a multiplayer mode. (Web) (HN)
  • ​Doomsday Engine - Doom / Heretic / Hexen port with enhanced graphics. (Code)
  • ​Fish Fight - Tactical 2D shooter. Made with Rust-lang and Macroquad. (Code)
  • ​shoot_game - Game using HTML5 Canvas and Vanilla JavaScript.
  • ​Q1K3 - Tiny FPS for the 2021 js13k competition.
  • ​Swarm - 2D programming and resource gathering game. (Article) (Reddit)
  • ​pacman.zig - Simple Pacman clone written in Zig.
  • ​Electronvolt - FPS with physics based puzzles.
  • ​Vange-rs - Game uses wgpu-rs for graphics and winit for windowing.
  • ​Cosmic Verge - 2d, persistent multiplayer, single-universe game written in Rust.

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