Last updated 3 months ago

Some simple processes to follow when doing things. Some processes are activated from iOS Shortcuts.


  1. Find what I want/need to learn. Ideally in context of a problem I want to solve.

  2. Read about it on wiki. Find the topic on Learn Anything and learn from best resources for deeper knowledge.

  3. Ask myself why it is the way it is. Ask myself what am I missing and what I don't understand (tackle each dependency one by one).

Make Alfred workflow

Publish Alfred workflow

  1. Post the workflow on Alfred Forum.

  2. Heading (36 pt), Code | Download (26 pt) on the bottom. Example.

Write an article

  1. Write down main ideas I want to cover as bullet points.

  2. Write the article touching on all the main points.

  3. Refactor. Remove useless words and irrelevant pieces. Publish.

Write a book

  1. Know what I want to write about. Write an outline.

  2. Write the book. Refactor continuously.

  3. Publish on LeanPub.

Read books

  1. Read the book. Highlight important parts.

  2. When finished reading, transfer highlights to wiki. Make review of book on Goodreads.