I use Streaks iOS app to track my essential life habits. There are 12 of them & I want to complete them all for a perfect day.

I also keep top habits I try to follow through in life on display in my Focus board. And I try to follow some rules I set for myself.

Habits described

Sleep 8 hours is autofilled through my health data.

In bed before 23:00 is autofilled through my health data.

Activity rings is autofilled through my health data and is marked as done when all the ring goals are complete. My current calorie goal is 750 calories with fixed 30 min workout & 12H standing goals.

Workout / Cardio is autofilled through my health data. It includes workout minutes from running/cycling & bodyweight/lifting workouts. Bodyweight/lifting is tracked with Strong & Streaks Workout apps. It also includes yoga (tracked with Down Dog).

No phone in bed | Exercise is marked as done when I spent no time wasted in bed using my phone. I use my bed only for sleep. First thing in the morning, I try to go out and do some exercise (either going to gym, running or doing bodyweight exercises).

Water | Food Mix | Wholefood is marked as done when I drank only water/tea (no added sugar in anything). Occasional coffee is fine. And when I eat only wholefood foods (nuts/veggies/fruits). No foods that came from killing an animal.

Mindful, calm & happy is marked as done I spent a day being mindful of my thoughts & feelings and approaching any new thing with calmness and clarity. Whilst being happy with the fortune that is life.

Share | Write | Meet people is marked as done when I have shared my thoughts/experiences freely and honestly. Sharing things I've learned by writing them down and sharing it. And finally broadening my life by meeting new people.

No wasted time | Build ideas is marked as done when I haven't spent any time unmindful on things that bring no value to my life. Essentially it means doing things proactively rather than reactively and thus no time should be wasted no matter the distractions. Filter input, maximize output. I can check where my time is really being spent using tools like Timing & iOS Screen Time.

Focus | One task at a time is marked as done when I haven't derailed my focus throughout the day and did what I was supposed to do at ideally all points in time throughout the day. Solving problems & focusing goes over strategies I use to achieve this habit.

Goal driven | Plan events is marked as done when I spent time moving towards the goals I've set. Adapting means reacting mindfully to new information. This also includes being open to change.

Good day | Timing & habits is marked only when all the other 11 habits are marked as complete & when I am happy with how I spent my day.


  • I think learning how to break habits is actually a very important meta skill and can serve you in life almost better than anything else.