I use Streaks iOS app to track any new habits I want to add to my life. If any of the habits get 100 consecutive repetitions, I mark the habit as learned and focus on new habits I want to add to my life.

Life habits

I also keep top habits/rules I try to follow through in life on display in my Focus board.

Morning routine

I use Siri Shortcuts for my Morning and Night routines.

Night routine

Other habits

Activity rings & Training are autofilled for me from Apple health data. My current calorie goal is 750 calories with fixed 30 min workout & 12H standing goals. Training minutes are set to amount of minutes I worked out with Streaks Workout which includes some bodyweight exercises I like doing.

Focus | One task at a time is pretty self explanatory. This is marked as done if I feel like I haven't derailed my focus throughout the day and did what I was supposed to do at ideally all points in time throughout the day. For One task at a time, solving problems goes over strategies I use to achieve this.

Event driven | Plan ahead is mostly about setting events to achieve my goals (set in Focus board) & going through with them. Event driven also means being open to change of plans in light of new insights.

Water/tea | no sugar is marked as done when I drank no drink that has sugar added to it. I try to drink only water & tea with occasional coffee.

Eat plants | whole food is marked as done when I followed through with my whole food plant based diet.

Daily mix | Track | Fast 16 is marked as done when I ate my daily mix (set of foods I try to eat at minimum every day). Track means tracking the food I eat. And Fast 16 means doing intermittent fasting so I can eat only in the 8 hour time slot each day. I also fast whole day on Friday.

12H Ideas/Learn is marked as done when I spent at least 12 hours of my day on activities I find most useful to my life, ideas & learning. Ideas is a rather broad term and includes all projects I care about completing. I track all time in Timing which lets me see where I really spend my time & adjust accordingly.

Mindful, calm & happy is quite self explanatory. Fortunately this one is the easiest one for me to complete but I still like to keep it as a habit to remind myself of this rather simple but powerful habit.

Good day | Timing & habits is marked only when all the other 11 habits are marked as complete & when I am happy with how I spent my day. No useless news & distractions.


  • I think learning how to break habits is actually a very important meta skill and can serve you in life almost better than anything else.