Build Learn Anything

Make the best tool for learning anything and sharing ideas. Release website, mobile app, API. Build up community.

Expand personal site

Lots of inspiration. I want a personal space I can expand and build upon (experiment).

Blog, wiki, art, projects, photos. Look backs as nice newsletters + rich derived data (from GitHub/Twitter/..).

Read books / papers

Take time to read relevant books & papers.

Build better tools for everything

Lots of ideas around improving my workflow further. Build them.


Healthy mind/body

Eat healthy and exercise daily. Work ergonomically. Follow rules.

Learn what matters. Solve problems. Share learnings.

Understand tools I use deeply. Solve problems & write about what I learned.

Remove complexity/waste. Streamline processes.

Remove any friction I feel. Filter out wasteful news, info. No thoughtless actions. Focus on goals & todos. No time wasted.

Go out of my comfort zone. Meet people.

Make screencasts/videos to educate. Write. Practice photography. Compose music. Design. Share & learn with community.

Be inspired & improve myself. Reach out to people I admire.

Plan bigger. Save the planet.

Create amazing things for a better future. Focus on solving real global problems like reversing climate change (electrical everything, efficient use of capital) & saving animals (animal rights same as humans, can't be eaten, can't be harmed).

Earth is for everyone, not just humans. Be goal & value driven.