For my own personal finance, I budget all my money with Actual using YNAB methodology.

YNAB methodology for managing money is extremely effective as it allows me to be be more proactive with budgeting and spending. It lets me know how much money I have and how much money I can spend on any given category. I find this proactive approach in dealing with money very freeing and powerful.

Below are the categories I use in Actual:

I assign the budgets for the categories at the beginning of each month and am strict with adhering to the budgets. If there is no budget for eating out, don't eat out.

I only have two accounts: Checking and Saving. Where Saving account is off budget and where I put money for future use and in case some unforeseen emergency occurs.

For recurring expenses such as my Bills and Annually category groups, I put the recurring cost as part of the category name in brackets. This lets met easily evaluate the costs of my recurring payments and analyze it at a glance and makes budgeting for future easier too.


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