For my own personal finance, I budget & manage my money with Monzo (UK/US) & N26 (EU).
I keep a minimum of 3,000 euro on the account at any time (to cover emergency spending). The rest I invest into stocks/ETFs and ideas that interest me. I also support open source projects & people I love.
I use YNAB methodology to somewhat manage my spending but not proactively. I try to be mindful with my spending at all times and try to never disregard spending on quality healthy food and essentials for my well being. Both N26 & Monzo track spending into categories and do a good job of it.

Ongoing subscriptions

I use Bobby iOS app to track my ongoing subscriptions. I review it monthly as part of my finance check up.

Tracking what to buy next

I use 2Do to track what things I want to buy next. These are just tasks with buy tag in 2Do sorted by priority. Here is how it looks:



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