For my own personal finance, I budget all my money with my online bank app, Monzo and its Pots feature.

I have a Save pot that has a goal of 5000 pounds. The 5000 pound is the minimum amount I need to hold in order to be safe from any emergency spending.

I use YNAB methodology to proactively budget my finances. Monzo provides nice tools to budget money I want to spend by category.

Each transaction made with Monzo is automatically sorted into a category by the app.

I also use N26 bank in cases where I need Maestro card as Monzo only has MasterCard.

Ongoing subscriptions

I use Bobby iOS app to track my ongoing subscriptions. I review it monthly on my scheduled monthly reviews and make sure I don't subscribe to any subscriptions that I find bring no value to my life or subscriptions that my budget doesn't allow to continue.

Tracking what to buy next

I use 2Do to track what things I want to buy next. These are just tasks with buy tag in 2Do sorted by priority. Here is how it looks: