In short, blockchain is a immutable linked list of hashes. Which can be used to solve the double spending problem in cryptocurrencies using proof of stake (or other methods) and a persistent chain of records (blocks mined).

Consensus algorithms

  • PoW: The more hashing power the more trust worthy.
  • PoS: The more coins the more trust worthy.
  • PBFT: Hand selected trusted nodes.
  • Randomized asynchronous algorithm: You trust nobody! Every single node is constantly re-evaluated. (Skycoin)

Interesting applications

  • ​Tezos​
  • ​Polkadot​
  • ​Horizon State - Digital voting.
  • ​Blockstack - Decentralized apps on Blockstack let you own your data so you can maintain your privacy, security and freedom.
  • ​Cardano - Cryptographic currency implementing Ouroboros PoS protocol.
  • ​Iden3 - Decentralized identity management solution.
  • ​Gnosis - Builds new market mechanisms for decentralized finance. (GitHub) (Gnosis Protocol V2)
  • ​Digital Asset - Automate and synchronize business processes.
  • ​Purple Protocol - Global Decentralized Ledger Infrastructure.
  • ​Slingshot - New blockchain architecture under active development, with a strong focus on scalability, privacy and safety.
  • ​arweave - New type of storage that backs data with sustainable and perpetual endowments, allowing users and developers to store data forever.
  • ​Foundation - Reclaiming the idea of the stock market to benefit creators and collectors directly.
  • ​Zilliqa​
  • ​Zilliqa - Scalable smart contract platform that aims to tackle the congestion issue plaguing the blockchain industry.
  • ​Metapurse - Crypto-exclusive fund.
  • ​Rarible - Create, sell or collect digital items secured with Blockchain.
  • ​OpenSea - Largest NFT marketplace. Buy, sell, and discover rare digital items. (JS SDK)
  • ​Polymarket - Global Information Markets Platform.
  • ​Tokenlog - Token-weighted backlogs. (Code)
  • ​RabbitHole - Earn crypto by using the latest crypto applications.
  • ​WENEW - Collect iconic moments in music, sports, comedy, history, etc. on the blockchain. (Tweet)
  • ​Sky Mavis - Blockchain: Gamified.
  • ​Axie Infinity - New type of game, partially owned and operated by its players. (White Paper)
  • ​ - Fractional ownership of NFTs.
  • ​Spectre - Spectralized art for all. (GitHub)
  • ​Blitmap - Community crafted sci-fantasy universe.
  • ​Loot - Randomized adventurer gear generated and stored on chain. Stats, images, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret. (Web Code)
  • ​1inch Network - Distributed network for decentralized protocols. (Twitter)

Interesting NFTs



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