I think Nano is the future of money if compared to any other coin based off its features. Whilst Ethereum/Tezos are great for building out more complex decentralized apps.

It's a matter of time that Bitcoin with its horrible PoW consensus that wastes electricity and its slow & expensive transactions will no longer be used (even as a store of value).


  • ​Nano - Peer-to-peer digital currency with fast & cheap transactions.

  • ​Monero - Secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrency. (Mastering Monero)

  • ​Libra​

  • ​MobileCoin - Private payments for mobile devices. (Web)

  • ​zcoin - Privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

  • ​dcc - Proof of concept for a blockchain with variable hash functions for ASIC resistance. Decentralized cryptocurrency.

  • ​Maker - Comprised of a decentralized stablecoin, collateral loans, and community governance. (Forum)

  • ​Celo - Platform for fast, secure, stable digital payments. (GitHub) (Code) (Celo Blockchain Code)

  • ​Reserve - Flexible pool of stablecoins designed to reduce risk through diversification and decentralized governance. (HN)

  • ​Bolt Labs - Instant, cheap and private payments.