I think Solana/Tezos/NEAR/AVAX/Dfinity are great distributed consensus systems for transacting assets and running code (smart contracts). And I find stable coins (tokens that are pegged to another 'real world currency') and privacy coins/contracts (Monero/SRCT/IronFish) to be most interesting use cases of crypto right now.
It's unfortunate that a lot of people/projects use these distributed ledgers as ponzi schemes or wash trading or still use super wasteful consensus systems (like Bitcoin).
I use FTX as my preferred crypto exchange that lets me trade between FIAT/crypto.


  • ​Nano - Peer-to-peer digital currency with fast & cheap transactions. (Benefits of Nano)
  • ​Cardano SL​
  • ​Monero - Secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrency.
  • ​Libra​
  • ​MobileCoin - Private payments for mobile devices. (Web)
  • ​zcoin - Privacy-focused cryptocurrency.
  • ​dcc - Proof of concept for a blockchain with variable hash functions for ASIC resistance. Decentralized cryptocurrency.
  • ​Celo - Platform for fast, secure, stable digital payments. (GitHub) (Code) (Celo Blockchain Code)
  • ​Reserve - Flexible pool of stablecoins designed to reduce risk through diversification and decentralized governance. (HN)
  • ​Bolt Labs - Instant, cheap and private payments. (GitHub)
  • ​Nimiq - Simple, secure and censorship resistant cryptocurrency. (Code)
  • ​Iron Fish - Private, anonymous, and easy to use cryptocurrency. (Code)
  • ​MobileCoin Fog - Private payments for mobile devices. (HN)
  • ​Dagcoin - Cryptocurrency designed for using, not trading.
  • ​Kitty Coin​



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