Flowers for Algernon


Quite an interesting book. I really loved the way the story progressed not just as story itself gained momentum but since it was a diary, the character changed and with it changed the way he wrote things and expressed himself.

The whole book was written as a series of progress reports for an experiment the main character was allowed to take part it.

This book makes you think just about how much your own perception and understanding of things is limited by the inherent limitations of the human mind. There are certain things that a human mind cannot grasp and even when Charlie, became a genius, he understood that and only wanted to try and get a small part of this vast ocean of knowledge and things one can know.

Overall it really was a great book and I loved reading it. I am writing a journal myself and if there is one thing I would take from this book, it is how I should be more sincere and honest to myself and others. Writing a journal is a wonderful thing and this book proves that, journal serves as point of reference to see how you have grown or digressed. It serves as a remainder of who you once been.

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